At Reconsider Studio, we take pride in crafting unique, upcycled clothing pieces designed with care and sustainability in mind. We appreciate your conscious choice to support sustainable fashion.

Founded by us, Veerle and Britt. We have a mutual passion for craftsmanship and strong attention to detail. Every piece we create is a special and individual design made by hand. The entire production takes place in our own atelier. By repurposing already existing clothing for our collections, we strive to make the world and the fashion business more sustainable.

We aim to share our insights on the finer points of craftsmanship and what it takes to create beautiful, high-quality garments through our handcrafted tailoring. RECONSIDER intends to raise customer awareness of concerns like these about the process behind their consumption. With hopefully a reconsideration of pieces that can last a longer lifetime like they deserve. 

We'd like to begin our RECONSIDER journey towards a future generation of sustainable fashion creators.